Mobile One Courier is
Rebranding as GO2 Delivery

Outsourced Deliveries & Logistics

Mobile One Courier & Logistics can handle all of your supply chain
activities so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Total Outsourced Delivery

Are you constrained by your delivery department or provider? Or trying to scale and lack systems, technology and the right people to deliver product to your customers? MobileOne Courier and Logistics can provide you with a holistic end-to-end delivery management solution to manage it all. If you need to move products or packages on an irregular or scheduled basis, you have two options. You can either try to bring your delivery and logistics services in-house, or you can partner with a third party delivery service. We take control of supply chain activities so you can focus on running your business. With professional storage, pick & pack, inventory control, shipping, and logistics capabilities, we offer our clients cost-effective, professional, and reliable outsource delivery services.

Integrate your Business Applications with Ours to Automate Delivery and Order Flow

courier service tracking packages

Leverage our Delivery Technology and Systems
to Scale your Business

Utilize Our Professional Drivers and Dispatch Management Team to Manage your Deliveries


Rethink, restructure, tighten efficiency, expedite deliveries, increase capacity... and save money
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The MobileOne Difference

Order Flow & Updates
with our API

  1.  One way integration
  2.  Bi-directional integration
  3.  Secure FTP
  4. CSV File Import/Export

Real-time Updates
Delivered to you and
your Customer

  1. “We’re on the way”—via SMS
  2. “I can see where my package is”—real-time view on a map
  3. “Who is delivering my package”— providing photo of driver and other details
courier service insured packages

Get "In-the-Know"
about what’s happening in
Data and Costs Analytics

  1. Delivery Performance
  2. Cost Metrics
  3. Geographical
  4. Customizable Data Metrics

Full Chain-of
Custody Tracking of
your Package

  1. Barcode Scanning
  2. Over, Short and Damage Tracking
  3. Photo Verification
  4. Location ID Scans
  5. GPS Tracking

Dedicated People
Working for the Success
of your Business

  1. Focused Account Manager
  2. Professional Delivery Management Team
  3. Optional Onsite Coordinators

MoblieOne Courier & Logistics is a third party logistics (3PL) provider working along side many parts of the supply chain

Warehousing & Storage

We have full service storage facilities to protect and maintain products across a range of industries.

Inventory Control

Keep track of exactly how much product comes into storage, is stored, and goes out of storage.

Pick & Pack

Ensure receipt of the right products and the right packaging. We process products to fortify accuracy, safety, and security.

Supply Chain

Never wonder about the location of your next shipment with our complete supply chain management solutions. We’ll take care of the details to ensure a seamless supply chain experience.

Distribution & Shipping

Whether we’re moving products among facilities or shipping directly to businesses and customers, we have the resources to handle all business-facing and client-facing shipping and distribution activities.

Outsourced Delivery

We meets business needs that go beyond shipping and distribution. We offer on demand, scheduled, and industry-sensitive delivery services to meet your routine and one-off outsourced delivery needs.

Learn more about the Mobile One Courier's Process. Review actual case studies. Browse detailed accounts on how we have helped businesses, just like yours, gain efficiencies, improve service times and reduce costs.

The Best Third Party Logistics Service Experience on the East Coast

With our technology, capabilities, and support, you can meet customer service goals and scale your business on demand. When you choose to partner with an outsourced logistics company, you gain access to a team that will act as an extension of your own company. Our professional team of delivery and 3PL professionals will get to know your in-house team and your business goals so we can provide an incredible outsourcing experience year after year.


Lower Overhead Costs

With our dedicated outsource delivery services and logistics management capabilities, you will only pay for what you use. We serve many clients with our facilities and solutions, which allows us to provide more value in each client relationship.

Reduce Risk

Our company maintains adequate insurance to protect our customers from most liability exposure. We vet, train, and monitor all of our personnel to further reduce the likelihood of injury, property damage, and inefficiencies.

Improve Efficiencies

Our team has developed systems, processes, and policies to improve efficiency across the supply chain. This level of support allows us to serve our clients and their end clients with seamless logistics and delivery experiences.

Control Quality

We treat every package that passes through our services with professional care and attention. From temperature-sensitive healthcare samples to classified document delivery, we use industry best practices to ensure product and package quality.

Top Customer Service

We’re available 24/7/365 to make our clients’ lives easier. When you have a reliable third party logistics company, everyone wins. We’ll meet your expectations so you can exceed your customers’ expectations.