Mobile One Courier is
Rebranding as GO2 Delivery

Medical Courier Services

Our healthcare logistics company in Virginia specializes in the supply
chain management needs of healthcare companies of all kinds

Common Challenges in Healthcare Logistics
and Mobile One Solutions

Staffing Demands

  •  Fluctuating volume of deliveries
  •  Retention of qualified staff
  •  Redundancy to cover unexpected circumstances

Professional Couriers

  • Dressed in business attire
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Background checked by TSA
  • Audited for our standards

Dedicated Dispatch

  • Dispatchers at office—3 shifts
  • Managing deliveries
  • Monitoring roadways and weather
  • Coordination with clients

Increasing Costs

  • Delivery management labor
  • Recruiting, retention & training of staff
  • Equipment & vehicle maintenance & insurance
  • Benefits, workers compensation, unemployment

Tracking Costs

  • Customized for your business
  • Detailed reporting
  • By service level, Time of day
  • Geography
  • By unit levels

Performance Metrics

  • On time delivery
  • Order request time to pick up
  • Dispatch time to driver
  • Accuracy


  • Accreditation organizations
  • Chain of custody, blood-borne pathogens, etc

Field Audit App

  • Random audits of all drivers
  • Auditing for
    – PHI / OSHA Requirements
    – Secure Vehicle & Cleanliness
    – Grooming & Attire
    – Proper tools
HIPAA Compliant Courier Service

Medical Certified Staff

  • Testing & Certification
  • Chain of Custody
  • Patient Sensitivity
  • Client Specific Orientations

Delivery Management

  • Tracking orders and assigned delivery staff in real time
  • Measuring delivery performance
  • Reporting cumulative data on delivery history & performance

Client PowerTools

  • Place & Track Orders Online
  • Application Integration
  • Email Notifications

Driver PowerTools

  • GPS Tracking
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Signature Capture

No Hidden Costs! Get Mobile One Courier's Proprietary
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Who We Serve

Hospital Systems

Materials Management
Supply Chain
Medical Group Distribution

Device Manufacturers

Surgical Equipment
Surgical Trays

Pharmacies & Drugstores

Long Term Care
Home Infusion

Medical Laboratories

Diagnostic Laboratory
Specialty Laboratory

DME Providers

Equipment Rentals
Retail Delivery
Fulfillment of Supplies

Services We Provide