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Case Study Three

Global Ground Carrier


In 2020 we were approached by a global parcel delivery company. The company was facing the following challenges:

  • Capacity limitations leaving them unable to deliver packages in a timely manner.
  • Heightened customer complaints and negative media coverage
  • A backlog of packages at their sorting facility.
  • Long lines of people waiting to retrieve their packages at the sorting facility.
  • They needed an immediate, short term and low cost solution to help them “catch up” with their package volume.


We performed a custom needs analysis with the client, then built an expedited but sustainable delivery solution. This involved meeting with the depot manager and other members of the leadership team, and establishing working relationships with them. We also had to comply with the insurance, DOT and vehicle requirements of the carrier. Because this was a developing and fluid situation, the operations team moved quickly to secure coverage for this client.

This involved:
  • Identifying the right drivers and the right vehicles.
  • Compliance with Insurance requirements, DOT regulation and the internal regulations of the customers.
  • Working with our fleet provider to secure vehicles quickly.
  • The account manager was onsite each morning for the first week to coordinate the deliveries and build an Outbounding process “on the fly” while also securing additional coverage for this client.


  • Over the course of 6 weeks, we provided weekday and weekend coverage for this customer in two markets.
  • We provided error free delivery coverage with little to no training from the client.
  • Our drivers were trained to use the clients’ handheld devices to provide more reliable package delivery tracking information.
  • We provided up to 11 drivers and vehicles per day at the peak of the order volume.
  • We provided weekend and holiday coverage with very little notice.
  • They were caught up with their package deliveries within 6 weeks.
  • We continue to be on standby for this customer to provide delivery support during. high volume periods.


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