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Medical Courier Service – Virginia Beach, VA

Mobile One Courier & Logistics offers reliable same-day medical courier services throughout Virginia Beach, VA at an affordable price. We serve hospital systems, medical laboratories, pharmacies & drugstores, and DME Providers. When it comes to restocking medical equipment, fast delivery is crucial. Our medical courier service in Virginia Beach will quickly deliver your supplies. You can order more than 20 million different products through Amazon Prime and have them delivered to your doorstep overnight. That’s all well and good if you’ve forgotten a birthday or anniversary until the last minute, but what about the stuff you really need? Get A Quote on Courier Services The medications that save patients’ lives. The equipment that makes the difference between treating someone in-house and shipping them off to the stress and chaos of the emergency room? The organs and tissues that you have only a narrow window of time to transplant? Only a Medical Courier Service in Virginia Beach can help you with those precious items. Affordable Courier Services

Medical Courier Service Solutions

A medical courier service is a specialized delivery company. It functions much the same way as other familiar delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Unlike those companies, however, medical courier companies:
  • Offer same-day delivery
  • Employ staff trained in the handling of medical products and equipment
  • Use vehicles designed to accommodate medical products and equipment
  • Provide a higher level of security and tracking
  • Focus primarily on local deliveries
Products, specimens, and equipment shipped via a medical courier are safer and more efficiently delivered than those entrusted to generic delivery companies. Medical couriers can also be contracted to work as part of a just-in-time (JIT) delivery system. JIT systems save time, money and space, improving facility efficiency and cash flow. Same Day Delivery Service

Who Uses a Medical Courier Service in Virginia Beach?

Medical Courier Services are appropriate for:
  • Private medical offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospices
  • Labs
  • Dentists
  • Specialty medical providers
Medical express services can be used to meet one-off urgent needs for transport. They also work well as part of a recurring and integrated delivery system. Same-Day Medical Delivery Services Medical couriers are more than just glorified UPS drivers. Quality services offer a range of options and tools to assist medical providers in running safe, efficient businesses.
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • On-demand pickup and delivery
  • Transportation of items ranging from crucial legal documentation to lab specimens to medications and equipment
  • Distribution services to customers or between facilities
  • Storage and Fulfillment services
Same Day Courier Service in Virginia

Benefits of Using a Medical Courier Service in Virginia Beach

Many practices are unaware of the wide-ranging benefits of employing a Courier Service to help their business run more efficiently and effectively. Courier companies should provide:
  • Time and cost savings
  • Improved facility and staff efficiency
  • Peace of mind
  • Easy compliance with legal requirements
  • Improved staff and patient experiences and satisfaction rates
  • Streamlined ordering and delivery processes
  • Consistency in product and equipment availability
How to Choose a Courier Service Not all Couriers in Virginia Beach are created equal. When selecting a service, look for these key qualities to ensure you are entrusting your business only to the very best. Constant Availability Service providers are no good if they aren’t available when you need them. You keep unusual hours. Your courier should, too. Look for a company that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Couriers should be on call and ready to move whenever you need them, with no exceptions. Varying Time Delivery Windows In medicine, time is often of the essence. Getting products and equipment in time saves lives. Even when it is not an emergency, prompt delivery improves office efficiency, patient care, and patient satisfaction rates. Don’t settle for services that offer only vague “same day” guarantees. Look for a service with more detailed service windows, such as:
  • Direct Drive options
  • 90-minute windows
  • Two-hour windows
  • Four-hour windows
Professional Staff  Medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipment are expensive and often carefully regulated. Mishandled, they can quickly become unsafe, unfit for use, or a legal liability. Choose a courier that hires only qualified professionals. All staff should be:
  • Subject to background checks
  • Uniformed
  • Thoroughly trained in handling medical supplies
  • Regularly reviewed or audited for quality control
  • Polite, professional, and responsive
Both individual staffers and the company as a whole should be experienced, with a proven track record of excellence. Proper Insurance  Hiring a courier should protect you and make your life easier. It should never increase your liability. Look for couriers with adequate and appropriate insurance coverage that includes:
  • General coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Personal and non-owned auto coverage
  • Cargo coverage
Applicable Certifications  Depending on what you expect to use the service to convey, your courier may need special certifications. These include legal permissions to transport biohazard material or restricted substances. Check couriers’ authorizations before hiring. Tracking and Reporting Capabilities Good couriers provide you with comprehensive tracking and delivery confirmation tools. These may include:
  • An app or online portal through which to order and track deliveries
  • Real-time notification when your package is delivered
  • Digital signature confirmation
  • Photo verification of delivery
Vehicle Suitability Choose a courier equipped to transport anything you might need picked up or delivered. Companies should operate a fleet of vehicles in different sizes and configurations. Storage and Fulfillment Services  Ask about storage and fulfillment services. While not all facilities will need this, it can be an immense time- and money- saver for many practices. Account Management Support Expect quality couriers to provide you with an account manager. Account managers should be proactive, taking the initiative to understand your needs and develop solutions to them. They should be available whenever you have a problem or need assistance. Start Benefitting From Same Day Courier Services  If you are not already benefitting from the use of a quality Medical Courier Service in Virginia Beach, there’s no time like the present to get started. Call or email today for a personalized quote and get your practice running more smoothly in no time! Get A Quote on Courier Services