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Mobile One Courier & Logistics offers professional same-day courier services throughout Richmond, VA at an affordable price. Enjoy 24-hour deliveries, email notification upon delivery, warehousing and distribution solutions. American businesses invested $109 billion in courier services in 2019. As consumer spending on online shopping rises, so will the need for more courier companies. That aside, many firms are also looking to add delivery in their offering as a way to differentiate themselves.
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Open 24 hours for all deliveries
  • Fully insured
  • Auto dispatch of GPS routes to drivers
  • Email notification upon completed delivery
  • Real-Time Performance Tracking
  • Medical courier services
Get A Quote on Courier Services Limit Your Exposure to Liability During normal operations, your Virginia Beach business is exposed to several risks. When you take on the handling and delivery of freight and parcels for your customers, you also take on the risks that come with providing that service. From medical courier services and beyond, we have a solution to fit your brand.
  • Insurance – General Liability, Cargo,
  • Bonded, Auto & Non-Owned Auto, etc.
  • Random in-field driver audits for security and compliance with industry standards
  • High standards throughout our recruiting and staffing process
Through using a courier to handle your shipping needs, you can mitigate some of these risks. Issues such as accident claims and lost packages among others pass on to the courier you will outsource the work to. As a result, you get to still serve your customers but take less of the risk in return for parting with a little margin, which costs less than the insurance costs to cover more liability claims. Same Day Courier Service in Virginia 24 Hour Courier Services Equal Cost Savings Partnering with a courier company can save your business significant sums that you can use for more beneficial purposes. When you decide to take shipping and handling in-house, it calls for the hiring of additional workers. For each staffer you bring on, you will need to incur some expenses which include:
  • Payroll taxes
  • Salaries
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Overtime pay
  • Paid sick time and time off
The thing about these costs is that they are fixed. Whether your business makes a profit or not doesn’t matter to full-time employees who expect to get paid. It’s much easier to outsource your courier needs to a service provider who will also take care of the costs associated with the staff doing the work. Same Day Delivery Service Focus on Your Core Competency When you bring on a courier partner, you get to carve out more time for you and your staffers. Instead of focusing on preparing deliveries and making runs, your employees can now give more time to sharpening the skills they are good at. Hiring a same day courier frees you from worrying about the service side of things so that you can invest heavily in growing the business end. In time, that will help you uncover competitive advantages you would not have if you had to dedicate more time to serving your customers’ courier needs. Access Complimentary Services Our Virginia Beach-based courier service offers complementary services such as warehousing and distribution. When you partner with us, you can gain access to these additional services at deep discounts. That will help you offer more value to your clients without the need for substantial expenditures. Scalability As your business grows, you’ll need to expand your courier arm. Unless you have vast sums to spend on the infrastructure, partnering with courier companies offers you the flexibility to scale up or down without disrupting your operations.


  • Rent Fleets of 4×4 Vehicles
    • Often secure vehicles days prior to weather event to compete for availability
  • Secure Hotel Rooms for Staff Near Our Operations Center
  • Five Phases Weather Planning
    • Pre-Storm
    • Watch Conditions
    • Warning Conditions o During Storm
    • Post Storm
  • Detailed Plan Provided with Proposal
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Consumer spending is shifting towards online shopping and the expectation for fast delivery to be part of your offering. In light of this, you need to leverage a third-party courier service provider as a way to differentiate your business and offer more value to your customers without breaking the bank. Located in Virginia Beach, VA, Mobile One Courier & Logistics aims to be your go-to supply chain partner. Talk to us today for superior logistics, warehousing, and distribution services. Get A Quote on Courier Services NEED MORE? Commercial Courier Services in Virginia Beach Pharmacy Courier Service Medical Courier Services