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Our healthcare logistics company in Virginia specializes in the supply chain management needs of healthcare companies of all kinds.

Your Virginia Medical Courier Company

The healthcare industry relies on delivery services on a daily basis. Facilities from hospitals to labs need to regularly send and receive supplies, specimens, samples, and hazardous materials. Many of the items shipped are sensitive and require specialized handling and care. The average delivery service does not have the resources or the skills to meet the stringent standards of this demanding industry; but, Mobile One Courier & Logistics is not your average delivery service. We serve independent labs, research facilities, hospitals, practitioners’ offices, medical equipment companies, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare information companies, and others with appropriate, reliable, and secure logistics and courier services.

Discover Our Medical Courier Services

At Mobile One Courier & Logistics, we are available 24/7/365. The professionals we employ undergo significant vetting during the hiring process and receive randomized driver audits to ensure on-the-job safety, security, and regulatory compliance. Our company is bonded and carries general liability, auto, and non-owned auto insurance coverage to protect our clients from liability. We also have the resources and certifications necessary to handle the transportation of biohazards. We constantly track performance and give our clients access to our state-of-the-art online courier portal. Within the portal, you can manage and track all scheduled and on demand deliveries our company handles. Follow your package to its destination with real-time GPS tracking and receive email notifications about your deliveries. With bar code-scanning, photo verification, and electronic signature-capture capabilities, we prioritize package security and regulatory compliance for all of our healthcare industry clients. As part of our efficient and secure medical courier services, we offer:

Scheduled Deliveries

Many facilities need to send specimens and other materials off on a daily basis. We streamline the process with our scheduled delivery service. You can count on our professional team to arrive on schedule and prepared to handle your package with the utmost care. Whether you need our services at the end of every business day, once a week, or once a month, we can accommodate all of your routine delivery service needs.

On Demand & Stat Deliveries

Contact us for on demand and stat deliveries around the clock, and we will immediately dispatch a driver to your location. When healthcare facilities need to transport extremely sensitive materials including transplant organs, biologicals, tissues, and specimens, they know they can count on our team to provide the appropriate transportation environment. Our stat delivery service is a direct-drive service that prioritizes expediency and safety from location to location. Our general on demand services are available for packages that are not as time-sensitive. We offer 90 minute, two hour, and four hour timeframes to meet the needs of your facility.

Explore Our Healthcare Logistics Services in Virginia

Mobile One Courier & Logistics is also a healthcare logistics company. We help our clients streamline the supply chain to improve business outcomes. If your business handles medical equipment, lab supplies, pharmaceuticals or other healthcare products, consider us as your complete source for supply chain management. Our logistics services include:


We frequently consult healthcare and pharmaceutical companies on supply chain management optimization and provide solutions that add value. As your outsourced healthcare logistics company, we can help you identify savings opportunities, maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulations, and streamline your shipment capabilities.

Technology Access

Clients who come to us for healthcare logistics in Virginia appreciate how our technology integrates seamlessly with in-house applications. See real time data on your managed supply chain activities from the comfort of your office.


We have both the experience and the cutting edge technology needed to streamline our clients’ processes. Our team has developed systems, processes, and policies to improve efficiency across the supply chain. This level of support allows us to serve our clients and their end clients with seamless logistics and delivery experiences.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Take advantage of our full-service storage facilities, inventory control, pick & pack, and shipping capabilities. As an end-to-end warehousing and fulfillment company, we can do it all.
Safety, compliance, and efficiency are always top of mind with our healthcare logistics company. We strive to deliver services and solutions our clients can continue to use for years to come. We’re an outsourcing services firm, but we act more like another arm of your business.