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Medical Courier Service – Glen Allen, VA

Mobile One Courier & Logistics offers reliable same-day medical courier services throughout Glen Allen, VA at an affordable price. We serve hospital systems, medical laboratories, pharmacies & drugstores, and DME Providers. Imagine how difficult medical work would be if people couldn’t rely on help from couriers. Faxes and apps can make it easy to send information to different hospitals and private practices, but sometimes things can get lost in translation and need to be delivered in person.

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There are plenty of doctors in Glen Allen VA that use medical couriers, but finding one that’s reliable can be a challenge. When you’re dealing with transferring lab results, patient files, and other sensitive medical materials you can’t afford to work with a courier that isn’t reliable or safe. That’s why we’re going to teach you what you should look for in a medical courier service. If you’re in need of a medical courier in the Glen Allen area, be sure to look for these 3 important things. Same Day Courier Service in Virginia
  1. Secure Tracking

One missing lab test result or patient file could literally put people’s lives in danger. When you’re having things delivered, you’re going to want to make sure that you can ensure that you know where your packages are at all times. You should only use a medical courier service if they have several ways for you to track where your package is. Issuing a tracking number is the bare minimum amount of work they can do. Truly great services offer their customers a lot more when it comes to proper tracking. Go with a service that gives customers an online portal that can help them track their packages in real-time. Request picture verification to ensure that your package arrived at the right place, and also ask for signatures.

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  1. Regular Delivery Services

There are going to be times where you’re going to need one-off deliveries, but it isn’t uncommon for medical professionals to need courier services several times a week. Do you know that there are certain days you’ll do blood work and will need secure transportation to an outside lab? Would you be interested in having a designated day and time for picking up packages and other materials? Look for a courier service that offers their customers scheduled deliveries. This can make it much easier for you and your staff to plan your day and gives you the peace of mind to know that you don’t have to scramble to arrange delivery. Affordable Courier Services
  1. Proper Certifications

You know that you and your staff have to abide by HIPAA rules, and if you want to protect your practice and your patients, you’ll work with a courier service that has HIPAA certified couriers as well. Remember, every courier you work with is going to have to handle sensitive patient materials. Working with a service that doesn’t use HIPPA certified couriers could cause legal trouble for you in the future. Work with a medical courier service that ensures that their workers can be HIPPA, PHI, and even OSHA certified. HIPAA Compliant Courier Service

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Finding a courier service that has certified employees, scheduled pick up and delivery options, and superb tracking in Glen Allen VA doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, since you’re on our website, you’ve already found a courier service that can meet your needs. 24 Hour Delivery Service We’re always happy to help medical professionals in the Glen Allen VA area. Be sure to reach out to us so we can find a way to meet all of your medical courier needs.

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