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Find A Courier Service Near You Mobile One Courier & Logistics offers professional commercial courier services throughout Norfolk, VA at an affordable price. Enjoy 24-hour deliveries, email notification upon delivery, warehousing, and distribution solutions. WHAT WE DELIVER
  • Small parcels, boxes, etc
  • Mission Critical Equipment & Parts
  • Healthcare – Pharmacy, Lab, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Vital Documents, Legal & Accounting
The growing demands of the consumer make any business more challenging today. Yet, some, like the medical supply industry, are growing at a rapid rate. For example, did you know that the medical supply delivery business expects to grow by 9.3% CAGR by 2028? Choosing a medical courier service to meet the demand is critical. Of course, every industry needs a commercial courier service to trust. But for medical supply, the stakes are that much higher. Get A Quote on Courier Services

People First

Trust is the essential factor when looking for a medical courier service. You need to know the people you work with have the experience behind them. And good Virginia courier services begin with expert management. To start, our team consists of a coordinator for compliance regulations. Then, we have a group of dispatchers who perform various duties. They’re trained pros who route your packages and train the driver fleet. Our drivers present themselves as professionals at all times. We know we represent your business, so appropriate attire is essential. As well, each driver passes a TSA test and gets audited by our management staff. Customer service is always a priority 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you call for commercial courier services in Norfolk, you expect courtesy and professionalism. A team member is always available on-site or remotely to help serve. When account managers stop by, they have the expertise to find the best solutions. They will show you a plan to keep your business operating in top form with competitive pricing. But there’s one more reason that puts us as among the best Norfolk courier services available. We supply on-site personnel to track movement from your location. Next, the coordinator works with couriers to keep their stops fast and efficient. Then, we’ll prepare your packages for delivery and route them accordingly. Same Day Courier Service in Virginia

Certification For Medical Courier Service

The medical supply chain has unique demands. As a result, Virginia courier services must meet specific standards to provide accurate service. Yet, we know the challenges of quality medical courier service. Delivery staff in this field must be flexible to adjust to constant changes in volume. They must also act and look like medical professionals. And, of course, timely service is essential to helping our clients succeed. So we track every aspect of performance to ensure quality service to healthcare companies. Continual analysis of timelines and delivery accuracy keeps us at the top of our game. A commercial courier service working with the medical profession must also have certifications. So we maintain compliance with HIPAA and OSHA. We stay aware of sensitive issues and changing environments. Random audits are conducted for all drivers to maintain compliance. The audits also ensure professionalism and cleanliness. And we keep the fleet updated with essential materials for the service. Packages get tracked through a bar code GPS with signature capture. Accuracy of delivery is paramount to a successful relationship with our clients. Your business is also in constant contact via email with the service provided. PROTECTION & SECURITY
  • Insurance – General Liability, Cargo, Bonded, Auto & Non-Owned Auto, etc.
  • Random in-field driver audits for security and compliance with industry standards
  • High standards throughout our recruiting and staffing process.
Same Day Delivery Service

Service Matters

No matter which industry your business is in, you expect to have delivery options. We are the same-day courier service that gives you a choice. There is a range of four service choices to meet your every need. Faster services include a ninety-minute or direct drive service. Two-hour and four-hour deliveries are also available as cost-effective options. Any of these on-demand services will get your packages where they need to be on time. When your company needs are more specific, we adjust to you. Dedicated account managers can devise a plan to suit your business’ delivery patterns. We’ll set up a routing plan designed to move your shipments on a repeating schedule. When you call in for pick up, you can rest assured you are talking to a staff member. Every representative has the training to provide the best delivery solutions. Again, your driver will represent your business neatly and respectfully. Your account manager tracks changes as your company grows too. They will adjust scheduling and provide updated cost metrics whenever you desire. Long-term business relationships are the basis of our service.
  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • Continual Monitoring of Courier Progress & Performance
  • Routing
  • Coordination With Clients
  • Medical Courier Solutions
Affordable Courier Services

The Big Little Extras

Some businesses need other solutions for their supply chain management. Our warehouse and distribution facilities get the product moving faster. Improve your company’s efficiency with a supplied carrier of your product. As an expert in medical courier services, we know it’s crucial to deliver extra care. So we take care of the delivery with our personnel. We will also consult on third-party solutions as your business broadens its horizons. Our account manager will help to outsource Virginia courier services that get carried out of state. If you require international service, we will assist in connecting with the functions you will need. There may be times when you need more oversized items stored away from your premises. Space is available in our warehouse for any of your inventory management issues. We can also arrange to pick items and pack them for delivery from the warehouse.
  • 24/7 Dispatch Center
  • Continual Monitoring of Courier Progress & Performance
  • Routing
  • Coordination With Clients
Same Day Delivery Service

Say Hello in Norfolk

There’s a lot of moving parts to any business. Those elements must travel with precision and safety in the medical industry. Look no further if you have been searching for the best medical courier service to assist you. Mobile One Courier & Logistics provides working systems fitted to the customers’ needs. Yet we’re recognized among the best Norfolk courier services because of our people. Choosing a courier service is a matter of function and personal service. So if you would like a personal introduction to our expert service, give us a call today. We look forward to meeting you.
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