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Mobile One Courier & Logistics offers professional same-day courier services throughout Chesapeake, VA at an affordable price. Enjoy 24-hour deliveries, email notification upon delivery, warehousing, and distribution solutions. You may be surprised to learn of all the benefits a courier service could provide. Virginia courier services deliver faster, more secure delivery services than traditional mail services can provide. They are becoming more and more popular in the days of web-based purchasing. And they may be just perfect for you.

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Special Delivery

You may have customers who are willing to pay a premium to have their product or document delivered sooner than one or two days. A courier can make fast delivery in Chesapeake, and beyond. They can even deliver on weekends, holidays, or overnight. PRODUCTS WE DELIVER
  • Small parcels, boxes, etc
  • Mission Critical Equipment & Parts
  • Healthcare – Pharmacy, Lab, Equipment, and Supplies
  • Vital Documents, Legal & Accounting
If some of your customers are busy professionals with the means to pay for special quick delivery, a courier service can set your business apart from the competition. And you can plan on getting more orders from them in the future. Same Day Delivery Service

Saving Your Company Money

Hiring a courier service means you will not have to pay your own employees overtime to make a delivery. You will also limit your risk and liability if you have an accident claim. Your business will save money on insurance premiums for delivery services if you outsource to a reputable courier company.
  • Reduce overhead expenses
  • Eliminate staffing concerns
  • Limits liability to your organization
  • Switch from variable transportation
If you have your own in-house delivery team, you are spending a lot of money on payroll, taxes, and benefits that you would not need to pay if you outsource. You will also save your company money on fuel expenses and maintenance costs for vehicles that would get used if you made deliveries yourself. Affordable Courier Services

Focus On What Matters

Worrying about how and when packages are going to get delivered requires a lot of your time and energy as a business owner. You will need to consult with warehouses and transportation services to get your delivery out quickly. A courier service will handle the logistics so you can focus on the critical aspects of your business. And you can trust that all matters will get handled professionally.

Easy To Use

Most courier services have online management tools that allow clients to quickly access their accounts. You can schedule a delivery, pick out your packaging, and make special requests in a manner of minutes.

You will not even need to spend time on the phone planning the delivery, as your courier service will take care of everything.

Same Day Courier Service in Virginia

Reliable Courier Services in Chesapeake

Courier services are known for getting things to their Chesapeake, VA destinations quickly without risk of loss or damage. Many also offer tracking software so you can follow your package as it goes from your warehouse to its destination. Courier services can also provide you with email delivery notifications in no time.

The Value of a Courier Service

A courier service can save you time, money, and anxiety over how your package will get from place to place. And it can earn you some loyal customers who will last a lifetime. For more information on reliable courier service, contact us today.

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